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Making a complaint

BGCS values compliments, suggestions and feedback, and recognises everyone’s right to raise any problems, concerns or complaints that they may have regarding our facilities, services, policies, staff and volunteers, or any other aspect of our practice.

What you can make a complaint about

Any individual or group who has a grievance relating to BGCS has the right to complain, and to have their concerns resolved, and will be encouraged and supported to attempt to resolve the issue.

You can make a complaint about any service provided by BGCS. We want our programs and services to work for people who need and use them. We can always do better and we listen to people using our services, their advocates and representatives.

We want to know if:

  • you feel a service is unsatisfactory

  • you did not receive enough information or choice

  • you were denied respect, dignity or privacy

  • you feel unsafe.

When handling your complaint, we will:

  • ensure all complaints are addressed promptly and efficiently to resolve such issues in a friendly, respectful and confidential manner

  • ensure the process for resolving complaints will be open, honest, fair and confidential provide information that is helpful, accurate, and easy to understand

  • be polite and considerate in our communication

  • refer requests to the appropriate person as soon as we can

  • respond to your matter within a reasonable time

  • keep you informed of progress or any delays.

Our complaints process in other languages

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