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Banksia Gardens Community Services believes that the best way to create a stronger and better community is to help each other.

Volunteers are central to the work that we do, and countless volunteers have contributed in a variety of ways to making this organisation what it is today. If you would like to support your community by offering your time, skills and knowledge there are many ways to become involved.

Banksia Gardens Study Group/
Aiming High

Volunteers provide academic support to students who participate in Study Group, either in person or online. Volunteers work with regular tutors to support primary and secondary students with their studies. This program also involves recreational, sporting and creative components for those who wish to be involved in less academic roles.

Gender equity initiatives

Banksia Gardens has a range of programs and initiatives in the gender equity area. Whether you want to support young people with community initiatives, provide guidance at a policy level or just want to find out how you can help tackle the pervasive issue of violence against women, there are many ways to get involved.

Two people from the GPAN team

Environment and sustainability

While there are a number of environment and sustainability initiatives that are detailed on our website, we have more that are in the pipeline, and even more that we’d love to see have a home at Banksia Gardens Community Services. Environment, sustainability, climate mitigation and climate adaptation are all big problems, so we invite all parties to help us contribute to local solutions to a global problem.

Some of the initiatives include:
  • Community garden
  • Heat havens
  • Composting
  • Sensory and Bush Foods garden
  • Food forest
  • Climate adaptation
  • Environmental education