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Girls Circle

The Girls’ Circle program provides a safe space for girls aged 10-14 years old from diverse cultural backgrounds to come together, socialize and discuss relevant topics around gender equality, respectful relationship and personal development.

Girls’ Circle Project activities are designed to build the capacity of girls to be leaders among their peers and to adopt the role of community ambassadors to promote gender equality and prevention of violence against women.

Girls gathered around a table for an activity
Girls Circle at Kenley Court Neighbourhood House.

Program activities

Weekly sessions aim to deliver personal development, educational and community-minded outcomes achieved through three program components:

  • Mentoring, designed to guide girls towards healthy lives and respectful relationships.
  • Activities and topics designed to help improve listening, concentration, problem solving and communication skills, all essential in a formal educational setting as well as to develop positive attitudes toward maintaining good physical and mental health as the girls move through adolescence and into adulthood.
  • Discussions around gender equality where we encourage girls to take on leadership roles in their communities, acting as ambassadors and role models to promote gender equality and help prevent violence against women in their community.

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