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Environmental sustainability is a core value of Banksia Gardens Community Services. We actively support the principles of environmental sustainability, both locally and globally.

Banksia Gardens Community Services understands the importance of environmental sustainability and its intimate relation with the pursuit of climate justice. We believe that delivering climate justice and protecting the environment are compatible aims.

As an organisation, we are committed to raising awareness of environmental sustainability within the workplace and in the community, and acting responsibly to minimise our environmental impact.

We use the term ‘sustainability’ to describe practices at our organisation that have the least environmental impact – not degrading or depleting natural resources. We also use the term ‘regeneration’ as we aim to not only sustain the resources that we currently have, but to renew, restore and encourage growth of natural resources in and around the centre.

Explore these programs to see how Banksia Gardens supports community engagement with the environment, and read below to understand our goals for environmental sustainability at the organisation.


Man watering garden with watering can
Community Garden

Our community garden is a volunteer-run garden that provides community members with a friendly environment to grow plants, learn and improve their gardening knowledge and

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Citizen Science: Bee Hotels

Banksia Gardens is hosting a Citizen Science project! Citizen Science is an opportunity for non-scientists and everyday people to participate in scientific research. It can

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Heat sensor network at BGCS

In 2023, we collaborated with a wonderful team of students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA) to develop a heat and biodiversity audit on the grounds in and around BGCS. Below is a map of the heat sensor network:

Biodiversity and heat audit visuals

For more information on environmental sustainability at Banksia Gardens Community Services