Human After All

The Human After All project enhances social cohesion and community resilience by creating spaces for different community groups to get together and learn from each other.

As part of the project, interviews have been recorded exploring the life experiences of four local ambassadors. These short films are presented to grade 5-6 and 7-8 classes, with the ambassador in attendance to participate in a ‘Q&A’ session with students and teachers.

Students are then guided by a professional artist to draw on material that emerges from these conversations to generate creative output. Sessions focus on different creative mediums including drama, painting, collage, dance, photography or video.

Through this process, responsive art work is created exploring important themes including resilience, oppression, courage, respect and compassion. The work generated across the participating schools will then be exhibited and performed at a wider community event.

SCTE - Beltana

Social Cohesion Through Education:

Human After All is part of the Social Cohesion Program designed by Banksia Gardens Community Services and delivered in schools throughout Broadmeadows to support young people to reflect on the importance of empathy, tolerance and social cohesion, and to increase their exposure to different cultures, religions and worldviews.

Local schools and organisations form of a community of practice to develop strategies and share resources and support, enhancing partnerships with families, community leaders and cultural groups in Broadmeadows.

A range of inclusive activities aimed at enhancing social cohesion are being offered across the participating schools, including the Human after All project.


For more information about SCTE, please contact Naomi Brouwer.
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