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Citizen Science: Bee Hotels

Banksia Gardens is hosting a Citizen Science project!

Citizen Science is an opportunity for non-scientists and everyday people to participate in scientific research. It can involve data collection, analysis or crowdsourcing. It’s a great way for scientists to collect more widespread data, and use observations in the community to generate greater knowledge and understanding. It’s also an engaging way to connect with nature, to learn more about your local ecosystems and to participate in a fun community activity.
Katrina Forstner from Buzz&Digg with a bee hotel
Katrina Forstner from Buzz&Digg with a bee hotel

Why is BGCS hosting a citizen science project?

Native bees play a vital role in maintaining diverse ecosystems and sustaining the health of the native plants in the area. We can actively improve the health, diversity and numbers of pollinators in our region, which has flow-on effects to the surrounding grasslands and waterways. Our nearby neighbouring wetlands at Jacana are the perfect place to do this.

This project has been designed so that community members (citizen scientists!) can monitor the wildlife in these precious, local natural spaces. People from the community have been involved with creating bee hotels, installing them at specific locations in the Jacana Wetlands or visiting these sites to make observations and record data about native pollinators (or any other birds, frogs and insects).

Want to get involved? Here’s how!

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