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Circular economy workshop and initiatives

In collaboration with our CARYA young people and Circular Economy Victoria, we hosted a fascinating workshop with some innovative and inspirational speakers on the topic of circular economies.

The workshop featured wonderful presentations from Circular Economy Victoria CEO Sean Trewick, Jeannie Rea and Emily Anderson from Victoria University, and Samuel Wines and Andrew Gray from Co-Labs Melbourne.

We explored what a circular economy is, what it could look like in our communities and how the circular economy can help us act and adapt to climate change. We had some robust discussions and inspiring insights!

Banksia Gardens’ own forays into circular economy initiatives are taking shape, and we appreciate the collaboration with Hume City Council and Circular Economy Victoria in particular to help drive this important agenda.

I walked away knowing much can be done at a community level. I got to know about the various actions that could be taken in the supply chain to transform it from linear to circular, from more short term like waste reduction and value recovery to more long term like biomimicry design. This session was very engaging, with discussion of science incorporated with philosophy. Though most discussions on climate actions usually left me quite anxious, I walked away looking forward to taking actions

An, workshop participant

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