Science Education

Magic Science Daymagicscience1

The program was developed to show kids the fun side of scientific exploration. The Magic Science Day is currently incorporated into the Holiday Program. The day is filled with cool experiments that teach kids the basic concepts from various fields of science, including chemistry, physics, and design.

The program is divided into 5 types of activities:


Wow factors: short science demonstrations that quickly and easily grab the attention of the audience

Competitions: students compete as individuals or as a group to either design or build a structure

Labs/Workshops: step-by-step activities in which the students create something based on science principles

Field Trips: take a group of students to a nearby science facility for demonstrations and interactive displays

Career Exploration: each experiment is linked to a career, so kids are exposed to all the exciting things they can do when they graduate

Coming soon!

We are currently working on making this program part of your child’s school curriculum, so that all kids can enjoy the benefits of the program, even if they don’t have access to the Banksia Gardens Community Centre.

In addition to the 5 units, the program will soon include a Hume-wide Science and Maths Competition. Students will compete in a term-long project, and prizes will be awarded!