Boys Group

This initiative was developed following some extensive consultation with parents, residents and young people from the Banksia Gardens Housing Estate, who expressed their concern about the lack of constructive recreation opportunities for children and young people living on the estate. According to many residents, this lack was leading some young people to engage in anti-social behaviour such as tagging, vandalism and intimidation.

The Boys Group program offers participants weekly engaging activities such as martial arts, sports, art and craft, or multimedia, interspersed with healthy living tasks such as cooking and mindfulness. The program actively involves participants in all decisions and provides them with opportunities to continue to refine their social and interpersonal skills. The program relies heavily on a small number of volunteer mentors who provide modelling for participants.

As part of the program, participants are also familiarised with local services such as Victoria Police or Dianella Community Health through special events and activities such as an indoor cricket match against members of Victoria Police or a healthy eating competition that recently took place.

Boys Group participants meet at Banksia Gardens on Mondays at 4:00pm-5:00pm with ages 7-12 year-olds attending.

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