English Courses

Banksia Gardens understands the need for students from a non-English speaking background to improve their skills for both personal and career purposes. That’s why we offer individual courses that focus on key subjects: Speaking, Writing, and Presentation. Join our professional and friendly staff in a relaxed and supportive environment and let Banksia Gardens help you gain the skills and confidence that will make the difference and see you blossom.

English skills programs support the development of English language reading, writing and speaking skills for work, life and community engagement applications. We also offer English Skills programs that support you to pass the citizenship test.

Introduction to EALConversational English English for Work English for Citizenship


English as Additional Language/Beginners

At this course level you will begin to develop English language skills to improve speaking, listening, reading, writing and living skills. You will also learn more about life in Australia, as well as communicating while shopping, banking and interacting government departments and medical professionals. We have various classes at Banksia Gardens and other locations.

Dates:                12 July – 13 September 2021        Monday 9:30am–11:30am (face-to-face) 

Location:             Banksia Gardens Community Services

Cost:                   $85 or $50 concession


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Conversational English

This course will help people from a non-English speaking background to interact more comfortably when speaking or listening to Australian people in a range of social and work contexts.

Due to the variable nature of adult education classes, parts of the curriculum may be adapted to suit the needs of the class. So, if your English is good enough for your everyday needs, but you know it could be better, here is a chance to improve your fluency, vocabulary, accuracy and take your use of the English language to a whole new level. Through a variety of learning activities such as role-play, listening exercises and use of conversation gambits, you can learn to fine tune your conversation skills and start speaking like a local!

Dates:             14 July – 15 September 2021      Wednesday  1:00pm-3:00pm  

Location:        ONLINE 

Cost:              $85 or $50 concession

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English for Work

This English course is for those who are learning English as a second language and wish to start or advance their career. This course assumes reasonable English conversation skills.

Learn business English to enhance your reading, writing and listening skills. Improve your career opportunities and boost your confidence in everyday workplace situations.

This course gives individual attention and thorough training for learners who need to go into the workforce but need help to prepare for the Australian job market. If you are new to the workforce or want to return to your career in Australia, we offer English courses specifically designed to assist you in finding a job and to help you improve your workplace communication skills.

Dates:         15 July – 16 September 2021               Thursday 9:00am-11:00am (face-to-face)

Location:     Banksia Gardens Community Services

Cost:           $85 or $50 concession


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English for Citizenship

This course is designed in plain English to prepare you for the Australian Citizenship test. It is important to learn about the Australian government and culture as well as day-to-day living. The course will cover all the test subjects about Australia and its people, the history of indigenous Australians, the modern history of Australian migrants and the English colonisation, and Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties.

Learn the values of Australian society from participation on government to the rights and freedoms protected by law and the government and the law in Australia. It is conducted by a teacher in a classroom situation and is mainly audio-visual with a number of support resources to assist you in understanding important citizenship concepts.

Dates:        13 July – 14 September 2021             Tuesday 10:00am–12:30pm (BGCS)

                  15 July – 16 September 2021             Wednesday 10:00am-12:00pm (Online)

Location:     Banksia Gardens Community Services and Online

Cost:           $85 or $50 concession


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