The Mystery Room

In the unlikely setting of a community centre in Broadmeadows, young people are being launched into intergalactic and fantasy adventures the likes of which they’ve never experienced before.

A STEM experiment…

In 2018, Banksia Gardens embarked on an experiment to engage young people in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – in a way that they had never been engaged before.

With the generous support of Impact100 Melbourne and the Lord Mayor Charitable Foundation, Banksia Gardens staff worked with teams of university students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, USA, to produce working prototypes of three Mystery Room adventures.

In the Mystery Room:

Being part immersive theatre, and part adventure quest, the Mystery Room is an innovative approach to the education of STEM. Participants are required to solve a set of challenges in an immersive environment and become part of an extraordinary narrative. The hurdles are several puzzles based on STEM topics that become meaningful experiences for the participants.

With the proof of concept demonstrating incredible results with young people in the community, we are looking to develop the Mystery Room further and make this an ongoing program available to the community permanently.



Research & Methodology

 For in-depth discussions of methods, results and concepts, we have Research reports prepared by our wonderful WPI student teams:


Thoughts and reflections from our young Mystery Room participants