Banksia Gardens Work for the Dole Programs

Due to current restrictions for the COVID-19 Pandemic, this program is currently on hold.

For any enquiries, please contact Rana Tbaileh on 9309 8531 or



Work for the Dole is part of the Australian Government’s new jobactive employment service. It is a work experience programs designed to help clients gain new skills while they look for work. During Work for the Dole, participants undertake work-like activities at the centre as part of a community based project.

Work for the Dole provides participants with the opportunity:
  • to gain new skills while looking for work
  • to build confidence, networks and work as part of a team
  • to improve their chances of getting a job and assist them in returning to the workforce.

Clients aged 18 to 59 who are registered with a jobactive organisation can volunteer to participate in Work for the Dole, if both the participant and jobactive organisation agree it will be of benefit.

Our Work for the Dole team help organisations establish and deliver an effective and quality Work for the Dole activity to build skills and provide work like experience to tomorrow’s workers.